Brayan Wamani | Director
November 22, 2014 00:26 AM

Adding a garden, a specific fitting or lawn which is well mowed to a residential property can significantly increase its market value.

A new survey of independent estate agents by Move with Us suggests a garden can increase the market value of a residential house by 10 per cent.

Similarly, a new kitchen or an extra bathroom can add five per cent to the market value of a house, while a loft (attic) conversion or parking space creates a 10 per cent appreciation of the market value.

More unusual improvement such as a tree house can make a one per cent difference when it comes to selling as the whole property becomes aesthetically and environmentally attractive.

With the ICT sector improving in Uganda, the need to automate processes and working online at home and not necessarily to commute to office in town cannot be underestimated. This means at the back yard of your plot, one can consider adding a garden office. A garden office may increase the market value of a property by over five per cent according to the research.

"More unusual home improvements are increasing in popularity," said Simon King, Director at Move with Us. "Home owners are ingeniously creating new spaces within the boundaries of their existing homes where they can live out their dreams. These include garden offices so they can work from home, workshops where they can carry out their passions, their own personal pubs and all sorts of other extraordinary structures."

It therefore important that residential property owners not to completely develop their plots and reserve some space for gardens and related physical amenities

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