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Technology Consultancy

We are laveraging technology to improve financial depening in Africa. Our digital payment platforms such as the API enabled SentePay and efinanci (for SACCO, Investment Clubs and small lenders) are intended to reach everyone that is unbankable

Feasibility Studies

A good Feasibility Study is critical to a Final Investment Decision. Conducting studies that meet lender's requirements right from the World Bank, ADB, AFD, KFW can be challenging. We are delivering project studies that meet lender's requirements and national legislation through our team of Local and International Experts. We dedicate our self to professionalism and we make sure projects are delivered on time. Get in touch for support in developing RAP, ESIA, ESMP, ESIS, Topographic Studies, GeoTechnical Investigations, etc

Engineering and Supervision

We are providing project and cost control for our clients as well as ensuring that aspects of quality, health and safety and environmental management are well covered to reduce permanent negative impact and ensure the safety of employees on site. Our Social Safegaurds experts ensure that other soft project aspects such as equal opportunities, fair/prompt pay,gender based violations are closely monitored to mitigate violation.
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Who we are

Founded in 2010, GMT is a multi-consultancy firm addressing the challenges of out time from climate to environment, assessing project impacts for long term sustainability. We provide Feasibility Studies (RAP, ESIA, ESMP, ESIS, GeoTechnical Surveys), Supervision, Monitoring and Evaluation, Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Environmental and Social Audits at all levels of project execution. We strive to limit and eliminate the negative project foot prints that would otherwise cause reputational damage to implementing agencies and funders. We are supporting the road sector, energy sector, water sector, oil and Gas as well as large scale agriculture schemes.

Working together with other Industry players, Our Team of Technology experts have developed an API enabled SentePay Endpoints to faciitate seamless digital payments across mobile networks in Uganda. The team will provide you with all the necessary support to connect your website and/or app with our secure and easy to use SentePay API endpoints.

GMT is fully incorporated and duly registered under all the necessary laws of Uganda under Registration Number 134115.

What we stand for

GMT Consults LTD is built on two core values of professionalism and integrity

  • Professionalism

    We are committed to providing highly professional advisory services in all our consultancy category lines by adhering to best practice local and international standards.

  • Integrity

    We are trustworthy, diligent, honest and ethical. We accept responsibility for our actions and follow through our promises and commitments.

What we stand for

Our Values


We are trustworthy, diligent, honest and ethical. We accept responsibility for our actions and follow through our promises.


We are committed to professional advisory services in our practice areas by adhering to both local and international standards.

Customer centered

Our customers come first, we seek to become Africa's and globe most customer centric consultancy firm.
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