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Our Management Team

Alozius Gonza
Executive Director

Alozius Gonza

    1. Brayan Wamani
      Director Projects

      Brayan Wamani

      1. Collins Abindabyamu
        Projects Manager

        Collins Abindabyamu

      2. Projects Monitoring and Valuation Officer

    2. Alfred Platin Mugasa
      Director Technology

      Alfred Platin Mugasa

      1. Director/Senior Software Engineer

      2. Product Managers

    1. Denis Muteguya
      Director Finance & Administartion

      Denis Muteguya

      1. Human Resource Manager

      2. Accountant

      3. Business Development Manager

    2. Denis Muteguya
      Director Motgage Valuation

      Denis Muteguya

      1. Head of Banks