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Product Name: SENTEPAY
Product Type: Digital collections and payment enabler
Date: 24th August 2019
Head: Alfred Platin Mugasa
BackEnd: Allan Odeke
FrontEnd: Savio & Timothy
Keyword: Merchant API, Collections, Payments, SMS integration
SENTEPAY api based Payment and collection integration system

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Our API enabled plartform has been developed to support online payments for local and international payments. We have developed a secure API which developers can connect their applications to enable digital payments within thier applications. SENTEPAY can faccilitate the following actions.
  • Collections
  • Single Payments
  • Bulk Payments
  • Scheduled Payments
  • Reports
    • Dashboard
    • Performance Indicators
    • Audit Trail
Our network of partners
  • MTN Uganda
  • Airtel Uganda